Monday, December 12, 2011 most definitely a virtue.

I consider myself many things. Friendly. Loyal. Caring. Classy. But my patience? Not one of my better qualities. I've always been one of those people that, once they think or know something is going to happen, they want it to happen now. Christmas, spring break, an Amazon order that's been "in transit" for a week...whatever the case, I just want it to happen. This is one of the things that makes "Letting God" really difficult.  God has his own timing for everything, and it almost never lines up with our idea of the time line.  In fact, we are often so tired of waiting for God's answer that we are likely to make rash decisions that lead to taking the wrong path or to just giving up entirely.  We plop down in the middle of the road and say, "I'm not doing anything until You tell me where we're going."  Of course, what we don't realize is that by saying this, we are saying that we don't trust God.  We think that we know better than the Creator of the universe as to what we should do with our lives.  Of course, once we hear it put that way, we should immediately realize how silly that seems, and how God must sometimes see us as a petulant child.  Fortunately for us, He still loves us, and for reasons only He knows, He patiently waits until we realize how childish we are being and finally stand up to start walking again.

Life's journey is not easy.  We pass many exit ramps, and we frequently ask, "Are we there yet?"  We have to remember, though, that God is guiding us and will get us to our exit ramp on time.

I say all this because I have been feeling like the petulant child lately.  I'm impatient for God to show me what is going to happen...which exit ramp to take.  I want to stop in the middle of the road and say, "Tell me where we're going, or I'm not moving." Or even worse: "Well if you're not gonna tell me, I'm just gonna take the next exit."  Prayers for patience over the next few weeks would be much appreciated.  I know there's a plan for me.  I just need to wait for God to tell me the next turn.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Long-Awaited Update

It's amazing how quickly life gets busy, and how soon we put things like blogs aside to keep up with everything else. 

Update on the job setting: I am in a wonderful internship in a fantastic regional theatre.  I've been here since the end of August, and I'm really learning a lot about the industry and exactly how it feels to run a professional show.  It can be extremely fast-paced and filled with adrenaline, and then it can move at a snail's pace (especially during a tech process when there are no quick changes).  My apartment is lovely, and within walking distance of work, so that's nice too.

Now, as you know, my theme for this blog has been "Let go and let God."  Since I've been in "show mode," I've had a good deal of free time to walk around, think, and pray.  I don't want to give specifics just yet because I need to have a few conversations with different people, but for now I'll say that God is showing me a path that I think he wants me to take.  It's an idea I had several years ago, and I had all but forgotten about it until a few weeks ago.  But the ball has started rolling, so to speak, and hopefully by mid-week I will have a better idea about what is going on.  I know, that's really vague, but as soon as I am in a place to talk more about it, I'll post.

Also, some of you are probably wondering about my thesis! Check out the photos by going to my website, and click on the Technical Portfolio link, and then the Intimate Apparel Corsetry document.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers this week as I try to discern God's will for my life.  I think it's slowly coming together. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Benefits, Corsetry, and Job Hunting

We are about two weeks out from the benefit performance for TWLOHA!  I got my final approval from them a few days ago, so we are set!  I can't wait for everyone to see it.

Also, The Gainesville Times is doing an article on the show, the benefit, and my work! I can't express how excited I am about this.  They are coming sometime this week to take photos.  I'll be sure to post a link when it's published.

As far as the corsets go, I must admit I'm a little nervous about them getting done.  Now that all the fabric has been cut out, though, I think it will go faster than I think.  My main concern now is the embroidery (which I've never done).  I hope it looks great.  It will be a great project for my portfolio.

Speaking of portfolios, why do companies not want a hard copy of portfolios? They all want an email with a link or an attachment, or a CD when they get the hard copy of your resume, cover letter, and references.  I guess I understand that it's more practical, but for someone like me who has no clue how to save things as a PDF, I'm kind of nervous.  I can make my paper portfolio look amazing (it comes from years of scrapbooking), but actually transferring it to a readable and organized computer file? I had enough trouble getting this blog to look nice.  Thank goodness for templates.  I know that Sarah (our costume shop manager) will be able to help me, so I think that's why I'm not freaking out AS much.

So, the jobs I'm looking at right now...not that many, actually.  The position at Arkansas Rep got filled before I could send anything in (though it had been up since November).  I'm still looking at Vee Corporations, hopefully as one of their touring wardrobe crew members.  And I recently found a wonderful internship at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.  It doesn't pay very much, but it would be enough to live on, and the experience would be phenomenal...not to mention the contacts I would have afterward. 

Can't wait to see what happens in the next few weeks.  Praying everything goes well :)