Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crazy Love

I wrote a month or two ago about letting go and letting God.  It's easier said than done. But a book that was given to me by a friend for Christmas is challenging me to do just that. It is called Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  In the book, Chan explores the believer-Christ relationship in a way that most people today really don't, but definitely should.  He looks not at what we have to do as far as keeping God from being angry at us and being punished for it, but at the simple task of loving God as He loves us: unconditionally, longingly, and passionately.  If we love Christ like that, we WANT to do what He has planned for us. We don't feel obligated to do it because we'll be punished and feel guilty if we don't. We long to do things for Him, and we long to be with Him.  We are willing to give everything we have to Christ and follow Him on whatever path He leads us.  If we truly love God that much, we don't want to stray from him.  We strive to stay as close as possible.  We strive to please Him because we love Him.

Don't you want that kind of love? I do.

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